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Artwork Delivery 


《藝術送貨員》’Artwork Delivery’, 2021, Performance & Videos, Dimension Variable

I pushed a trolley and transported an old-fashioned TV from my studio in Kwai Chung to the M+ Museum in West Kowloon. During this five-hour-long journey, the TV instantly reflected the movement of pedestrians, streets, and myself. This interactive process was recorded, became the artwork itself.

Talking about how to pay attention to wheel users and other labor workers, I asked myself what role I should take. As an artist, I try to use my own experience to record the adaptation and confrontation between individuals and the urban environment. For example, a flat road serves the existence of various means of transportation; choosing between vehicles and trolleys, the city obviously prioritizes the former, and many accidents happen to trolley-users then. My series of work aims to awaken the general public and those with power to treat the city and people walking with wheels with more empathy.

The work was commissioned by the 'Walking with Wheels' Project - Designing Hong Kong.



作品受 'Walking with Wheels' Project - Designing Hong Kong 邀請創作。

Installation View

Showed in 'Walking with Wheels' - Designing Hong Kong, Ping Pong 129 - Gintonería, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, 2020

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