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Situated between personal life and work life, the artist is interested in the temporality of the commute. Commuting is an ambiguous middle ground that simultaneously connects and separates private and public life, the home and the workplace. What the commute actually entails for each worker varies: some rest, others think, and still others space out. In this project, Wong accompanies peers from artistic backgrounds during their commute and talks to them about their current life and work. Conversations may touch on ideas and experiences of boredom, seeking, struggling, goals, and self-improvement.

Commissioned by Para Site for ‘Noble Rot‘ exhibition.

藝術家對通勤這處在個體生活和群體生活之間的時間段感興趣。通勤是私人生活和公共生活之間的一種模糊狀態,從居所往返工作,包含了時間和空間流動性。 每個人利用通勤時間的方式不同,有人休息,有人思考或發呆。在此項目中,藝術家介入同為藝術背景友人的通勤時段,與他們談論現時的生活和工作,有無聊的,探求的,掙扎的,理想的和自我實現的。

受Para Site藝術空間委託為「貴腐」展覽製作。

Installation View

VR Exhibition by Para Site: Click Here

Showed in 'Noble Rot', Para Site, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, 2022

Video Trailer

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