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Contemporary Life Is Rubbish


You in Rose-colored 玫瑰色的你

I Shot The Sheriff

June 六月

Murder Most Foul
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1. 玫瑰色的你:工作到凌晨五點時看到的Magic Hour
2. I Shot the Sheriff:AR遊戲,猜諺語
3. 六月:紀錄社交媒體的活動
4. Murder Most Foul:我聽著Bob Dylan推出新曲睡著了的經驗

Captures and Playlist:
1. You in Rose-colored: The magic hour when I work till 5 in the morning
2. I shot the sheriff: AR game, please guess the proverb
3. June: Documenting social media activities
4. Murder Most Foul: I fell asleep, when I was listening to Bob Dylan’s new song

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Showed in 'Another Day', Contemporary by Angela Li, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2020

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