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 Floating Landscape (Like a Bird) 

 流動風景 (鳥)

Floating Landscape (Like a Bird), 2017, Inkjet printed on paper, double channels and mixed media, Size Variable

In Hong Kong, many housing areas are near highways. The government would generally set transparent or translucent noise barriers along the highways. Due to avoid birds hitting the barriers, the stickers of hawks or birds are effective to deter real birds. So buildings, noise barriers and bird decorations constitutes a unique view in Hong Kong. I try to combine my daily experience and imagination present the view where I live.


 Installation View 

Showed at "Imaging" Young Talent 2019 - Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong, 2019

Showed at "MATLAB & Guests. Drawing & Painting: (Trans)medial experiments", Zurich University of the Arts, Zürich, Switzerland, 2017

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