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Floating Landscape (Shenzhen River)

流動風景 (深圳河)

2016, Charcoal and Pencil on Wax Paper, Single Channel Loop on TV, 40cm × 70cm, 12'12

Shenzhen River is the border of Hong Kong and China. In Hong Kong near Shenzhen River, most of space is undeveloped mountain, apart from Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau Control Point. But in Shenzhen near Shenzhen River, most of space is developed areas and residential. 

Actually in Shenzhen, we cannot see the river and Hong Kong landscape clearly. Most of these areas are blocked by railings or are residential we cannot get inside. Only a small section of Binhe Blvd, we can see the other side clearly. I took a video for the view.

I draw the landscape on the video screen. In everyday visuality, we see things without any concentration usually. Video means everyday visuality; drawing means our memory to the landscape seen, which is blurred, floating and unreal. As a Hongkonger, I tried to draw Hong Kong landscape outsider the border. The view is unfamiliar. It gives me a similar feeling of blur, floating and unreality.


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