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Digital Print on Paper, 2016, Large print output

"When the image is small, people will only pay attention to its content; when the image is enlarged, people will notice the nature of the image", digital artist Thomas Ruff said. I am interested in the issue on the street and hope to put the street art back to the street image. The objects picked up on the streets always contain traces from people, consumption patterns and street culture. The image of the object is magnified, and the functional meaning of the objects themselves have disappeared. What remains is  "experience" of objects and their essence of existence.

The work consists of two parts: large-scale posters pasted in the Kwun Tong Industrial Area, and a large-scale poster pasted in the exhibition.
數位藝術家Thomas Ruff認為:「當影像細小時,人們只會注意到影像的內容;當影像被放大後,人們才會注意到該影像的本質。」我希望能夠把街頭藝術回到街頭的影像本身。街頭上撿拾到的物件都包含著人的痕跡、消費特徵和街頭文化,物件影像被放大,物件本身的功能意義消失,剩下的是它可被觀察的「經歷」和存在的本質。


On Street


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