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 Screenslaver (Mask)

Screenslaver (Mask), 2020, Inkjet print on paper, display screens, video, LED light, 30 x 19 x 4 cm (a set of 4)

The ‘Screenslaver' series which started since 2017, is an experiment using digital screens and analog photography, presenting the connection between our cityscape and social phenomenon. The series includes 'Augmented Suns', 'Virtual Time', '*', 'Void’, and 'Mask'.
'Screenslaver' 系列從2017年起創作,是數碼屏幕對照類比 (Analog) 攝影的各種實驗,繼而連繫到城市景象及社會狀態。系列包括 'Augmented Suns'、'Virtual Time'、'*'、 'Void' 和 'Mask'。

 Installation View

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