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Screenslaver (Void)


Screenslaver (Void), 2020, Lightbox films, display screens, video, Size variable (A set of 12)

The city can never go back to how it was before. In the past months, the streets have turned into political sites. Walls, bricks, glass, and railings now have received an all new meanings. Oppression, privilege, and resistance have all diffused into the air.

Still, the truth and emotion can spread through the air, especially in the generation of live streaming. Through the screens, images allow us to see the view, feel the mood, be at the front line, and to stand together. This place we call home has become the stage of political confrontation. Fear, violence, and blood have all become a tangible reality here. After going through this kind of life, we will never live a normal day again. It has created a void that will always be in our hearts.

The ‘Screenslaver' series which started since 2017, is an experiment using digital screens and analog photography, presenting the connection between our cityscape and social phenomenon. The series includes 'Augmented Suns', 'Virtual Time', '*', 'Void’, and 'Mask'.
這個城市再也無法回到過去。 一年間,每大街小巷都變成了政治地標,一磚一瓦都被賦予另一重意義。 壓迫、權威和反抗存在於無形的空氣之中。

通過一個個發光的屏幕,我們可以看到同一的風景,感受同一心情,甚至成為了前線,站在一起。 我們居住的地方成為政治抗爭的場所, 恐懼、暴力、血腥曾真真確確的在這裏發生。生活從此不再一樣,有種缺失將永遠置於我們心中。

'Screenslaver' 系列從2017年起創作,是數碼屏幕對照類比 (Analog) 攝影的各種實驗,繼而連繫到城市景象及社會狀態。系列包括 'Augmented Suns'、'Virtual Time'、'*'、 'Void' 和 'Mask'。

 Installation View 

Screenslaver (Void), 2020, Lightbox films, display screens, video, 180 x 120 cm (a set of 3), 90 x 60cm (a set of 4), 75 x 50 cm (a set of 4)
Showed in 'ScreenSlaver' - Solo Exhibition, Lumenvisum, JCCAC, Hong Kong, 2020

Screenslaver (Void), 2020, Inkjet printed on paper, 540 x 45 cm, 60 x 45 cm
Showed in 'Outsight' - Fresh Trend Group Show, S503, PMQ, Central, Hong Kong, 2020

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