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 Street Light 街燈             

Street light, 2016, Digital print on paper, micro vibration motor, thread, mixed media, 84.1cm × 118.9cm

Photography is always without sound, but the visual symbols seem to evoke a variety of hearing experiences. The installation is made by a digital print on paper, connecting to four micro-vibration motors which will vibrate regularly.
The image on the paper will have subtle changes because of the vibration.

Street light is regarded as a city observer. The work is silence but restless. With the compression of time and movement, it represents the flow of sound on roadside day after day.


 Installation View 

Showed in Joint Exhibition: "Mirrors that tell silence" - Hui Gallery, New Asia College, CUHK, 2016

Show in group exhibition "= ;! []. W e A r e L o s t I n. * T h i s ﹍  × H i g h-t e c h G a m e ° ° ° ×. ﹏ " - Undergraduate Exhibition, The Art of CUHK 2017, CUHK, 2017

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