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 The Way We Are          

Where I am living in, new construction appeared uphill and the old buildings downhill were demolished; newcomers moved in and old dwellers were relocated. I find life fluid and full of changes, you never know if things will change for the better or the worse. For the people who live here though, their daily lives do not undergo much change: they go to school, go to work, take the bus, buy groceries. I am interested in their daily life, I want to enter their lives. What does ‘real life’ entail?


 Habitation 安居 

Habitation, 2018, Single Channel Digital Video, 14’41”, Colour, Loop

We can all enter and understand someone’s life by peering into their personal surroundings. Going through one home and go to another, I think that the horizontal camera movement is the most objective way of viewing. It does not emphasize the existence of the lens and does not disturb the original environment. It feels like "passing through a place". Time is here in a circulation, which is likely our daily life, and we can't distinguish today or tomorrow.

 Sap Sap 十十 

Sap Sap, 2018, Artist Book, 25 x 32 cm
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The project Sap Sap describes the end of adolescence by reminiscing the past, living the present and facing the future to illustrate the circumstances of the young generation. I visited nine friends’ homes, including my own, for Sap Sap; taking photos and recording their family history. In the end of our adolescence, both we and our families hold expectations of one another. We were raised in similar environments and backgrounds, his/her changes, conflicts and relationships can be yours or mine, becoming the shared experience of our generation.

Sap Sap is derived from Edward Yang’s movie Yi Yi. The ten stories represent more than just ten (Sap) families, therefore Sap Sap.

 Pillow Shot 空鏡 

Pillow Shot (Day and Night)  空鏡(日與夜), 2018, Digital Print on Backlit Film, Tape, LED Light, 32 x 113 cm

Pillow Shot (24 frames)  空鏡(廿四格), Single Channel Digital Video, Wire Mesh Glass, 24', Colour, Loop

During this year, I studied a lot of family ethics movies, such as from Ozu Yasujiro, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Yang Dechang, and Ann Hui. I like to see how the directors handle the relationship. In the film language, there are some scenery shots (aka. pillow shots) to make connection between the fragments. The pillow shots are mostly landscapes or still pictures without the main body, which can express the time, place and atmosphere. I hope to use pillow shots as an entry point to describe the ordinary, everyday and unintentional moments of life.

Pillow Shot (Day and Night): The photography refers to the first scene of the movie “The Way We Are” by Ann Hui, a half of sky and the other half of residence. Slow breath light creats the temporality, which is a illusion of sunrise and sunset.

Pillow Shot (24 frames): In many movies, there are pillow shots looking out the window. I took 24 images of sky near my home in 24 hours, and then concentrated them into 24 minutes. The sky was turn light into dark graduately and then loop. There is nothing special about it in a day.




 Installation View 

Show in The 24th ifva Awards Media Art Category Finalist Exhibition, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2019

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