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"Where do we have a little art entertainment"
Wild Art Festival 2019
野生藝術節 2019

19/3-7/4/2019  CCCD Space - Green Wave Art, Yau Ma Tei, HK

Hong Kong's exhibitions seem getting bigger, but there also seems to have no room for art. It is a awakening call for Green Wave Art not being able to renew the licence to continue the running of a public entertainment venue. Space policy and legislation have always been a restriction for the development of small and medium-sized arts space, artistic freedom and cultural ecology in Hong Kong.

In response to the current space, development and freedom faced by Green Wave Art,  this project aims to open up the imagination of space through the work of art. The works/shows are the response to the entertainment licenses, community public space or the development of Hong Kong art, as well as  exploration of urban space.


Magic Realism Live Broadcast 魔幻寫實現場直播 (Collaboration with Zheng Tian Yi), 2019, Interactive Facebook Live, Duration Variable

Roadside (Yau Ma Tei), 2019, Digital Print on Paper, Size Variable

You Looking At Me Looing At You, 2019, Single Channel Video, 16 mins, Loop

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